Hungarian Academy Staff Forum (HASF)

The ADF (HASF in English) is a civil initiative of the researchers from the former research institute network at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS).

We started our movement (not without pioneers) in early 2018 when it became obvious to us that the Hungarian government was introducing a new system of research financing, in a way which in itself contradicted the appropriate manners of policy making, and which, we were convinced, would have after implementation disastrous effects on the autonomy of scientific research and scholarship in the entire country as well as our work and life altogether. Given that our voice had not been heard either in public or during the negotiations between the HAS and the government, our initiative was meant to express our opinions about the situation and the whole process.

In the meantime, the situation has changed radically. The Hungarian Academy of Sciences lost its entire research network as the Hungarian government passed a law that deprived the independent Academy of its research network and placed it under governmental control.

Summary of the situation:

Summary of the Situation of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

For a detailed history of the process:

WAR ON THE ACADEMY: The Hungarian Government’s Crackdown on Research Freedom
by Stefano Bottoni, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

For the latest developments:

Modifications of the Academy Act (Summary)

Academic freedom(s) in the drift towards authoritarianism (1/4)


Earlier accounts:
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Some points of reference to help interpret the Declarations published by the Hungarian Academy Staff Forum (HASF)