Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences

through an email by a Hungarian sociologist who works at the Academy’s Institute and who is an alumni of the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences, I have heard about the difficult situation of your great institution. In the appendix you will find an open letter from colleagues of the social and cultural sciences from Bremen/Germany who hope for the best for the Academy and its many excellent collaborators. The letter is open and you may feel free to publish or use it in any institutional or political context. However, we remember the two-edged question of public international support in Hungary from the CEU case so, for the time being, we will not publish it online or have more universities and networks involved. Just tell us if you think differently or if the situation should change. 

I wish you every success in the difficult tasks and decisions you face and I really hope for the independence of the Academy. Let me know if there is anything we can do for you in Bremen and Germany.


Dr. Christian Peters