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To the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

The recognition of the excellence of research is predicated on the indispensable principle of the freedom of scientific and scholarly work. It is only independent research that ensures scientific advances, scholarly integrity, and quality.

In functioning democratic societies, the independence of scientific institutions is safeguarded by the state-funding these institutions receive. It is imperative that this funding is granted in a long-term perspective and is not tied to any political performance requirements. History has shown that it is only under these conditions that both science and democracy can thrive.

The research centers of the post-1989 Hungarian Academy of Sciences have excelled as highly renowned partners in the European and global scientific system. The Hungarian government’s envisaged funding regime threatens to destroy the Academy as a free and autonomous public body and violates the globally recognized fundamental prerequisite of the independence of scholarly research from political injunctions.

We assure you of our support and solidarity and trust that our common commitment to academic freedom will prevail.

Yours sincerely,
The Austrian Academy of Sciences IKT Team