Az European Association for Comparative Economic Studies szolidaritási levele

Letter of Solidarity

Dear Professor Lovász,

we write in support of the integrity of science and academic freedom in Hungary a precondition of which is the financial independence of research bodies, including the Hungarian Academy of Science.

Independent science in all areas is an indispensable element for the successful development of a society. This is especially true for the disciplines of social science, in which scientific results and science-based recommendations by necessity do not cater to everybody’s wishes.

Therefore, we are deeply concerned that the recently announced changes by the Hungarian government would weaken the strong position of this country in the international scientific community and ultimately hurt the entire people of Hungary by weakening innovation and progress.

We call upon the decision-makers in the Hungarian government to rethink their recent plans and to ensure the conditions for scientific integrity in all areas.

This letter of solidarity was unanimously accepted by the members of the executive board and advisory board of the European Association for Comparative Economic Studies during their meeting on 22 February 2019.

Jürgen Jerger
(President of EACES)

A levél eredetije innen tölthető le.