Support letter of Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Strasbourg, France

I have been cooperating for several years with Hungarian researchers in the field of education and I would like to affirm my solidarity with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences at a time academic freedom is at risk in your country. As you know, France and Europe share the same inheritance, stemming from the tradition of enlightenment, to guarantee intellectuals and universities the freedom and autonomy to think for the advancement of Science and Humanities. I am attached, like other French researchers, to these fundamental principles which guarantee harmony between European peoples in the respect of democratic rights. I therefore strongly denounce any interference by the Hungarian government on the work of academics, which must remain free, neutral and independent of any form of political allegiance, in order to maintain the expression of citizens ‘ rights and the transparency of the public debate.

Romuald Normand,
Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Strasbourg, France