Support letter of the Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature

The attempts of the Hungarian government to submit scientific institutions in Hungary – and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in particular – to direct government control is the subject of increasing concern amongst the Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature.
Over the past decades your Academy has guaranteed and embodied the quality and freedom of scientific research in Hungary. As an autonomous institution led by excellent researchers, you assume(d) the management and quality of an impressive network of research institutes, harbouring many thousands of researchers covering a diverse array of disciplines and topics.
The plans of the Hungarian government threaten to marginalize the Academy, and its research institutes are at risk of falling prey to political arbitrariness. These plans are a threat to the freedom of research that is both the vital and indispensable driving force behind scientific creativity, as well as an essential prerequisite for an open society.
As an Academy for Language and Literature with linguists, literary scholars and authors in our ranks, we are particularly concerned about the future of the Humanities and academic freedom in your country.
On behalf of the Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature, we pledge our solidarity with your Academy in this difficult moment. We will do the utmost to draw attention in our country to your current important struggle.

Yours sincerely,
On behalf of the Royal Academy of Dutch Language and Literature

Leen van Dijck (President)
em. prof. dr. Frank Willaert (Vice President)
em. prof. dr Willy Vandeweghe (Permanent Secretary)
prof. dr. Wim Vandenbussche (Member of the Board of Governors)
Erik Vlaminck (Member of the Board of Governors)
dr. Bert van Raemdonck (Director)